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Death to Concern Trolls — 17 Comments

  1. Can I steal “word vom” for my next post & link to you?
    Also, I think you’re ***amazing*** to have handled that ridiculous complaint the way you did!!!!!! Hope the insomnia settles quickly.

    • Word vom away, hee hee! And it *was* ridiculous, old ladies listening at doors and walls style. I’m not sure I would have handled it half as well if it hadn’t happened the day after the US election results. I was too peeved off about that to get any more peeved!

    • I’ve always figured it’s just yanno, having to deal with enough sick, and then it’s just the rotting cherry on the shit sundae. It’s not necessarily any worse than anything else, but it’s just that little thing on top of everything else.

  2. Grrrrrr, I wonder who sicced the dogs on you. Do you know who did it? I would be stomping mad. You seem to be taking it as well as can be. Kudos for making the best of a bad deal!

    My son was permanently attached to me until He was five. He is, ahem, an “athletic sleeper.” Started his practice of gymnastics in the womb, and continued them when he got out. Elbows, knees, and head butts….sleep deprivation is a very bad thing for we who tread the balance beam…

    • We think that the likely person is our next door neighbour, a late 80s German woman who likes everything to be just so. And we don’t fall over ourselves to fall into her plans. I am oddly accepting of this and uninclined to try and start any drama over it. Husband’s one little act of defiance was to leave the grass long before it was too late to cut it due to weather, as he knew that would annoy her terribly. 😀

      And yes on sleep. Husband-fellow has been a total pip about taking on that child-related dep so that I could rest as best as possible, but obvs… if it has a will, it will find a way!

    • Aw shucks, thanks. <3 As annoying and upsetting as the entire thing was, we were relatively happy (in the scheme of things) to reassure all involve that our house was fine, our kids were fine, and that we weren't struggling or neglectful.

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  4. You handled your situation wonderfully. When I counseled pregnant and parenting teens and dealt with child protective services (whether through my mandated reporting or reporting by others), I would frame it as an opportunity to leverage services. My sister has expressed fears of my openness about my illness and my parenting mistakes, but, I, like you am proactive. Not so sure any department would be happy with my housekeeping, though. We would probably be healthier if I kept the place cleaner.

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