IMG_3924Raeyn/Virginia (that’s me!) is a 30-something mother to two, wife to another, and slave to two feline masters labouring under that fun old ball and chain known as Bipolar II. When not trying to convince myself that writing is fun, I can be found playing computer games, rolling around the floor, and baking tasty treats. Obviously, not all at the same time. 😉

I am also an dual US/UK citizen residing in the United Kingdom. I am proud of both of my homes, and I do my best to show this by calling out when things aren’t right. I’m also (and some would say this is more important than the others) a Texan by birth, and I’m a Pepper as well.

After much wrangling, I received my diagnosis in February 2012; this was after I had been diagnosed the year prior before all my paperwork went missing and I was accused of making things up and having never attended any appointments. While my blog tended to roam over assorted subjects previous to my diagnosis, I felt that sharing my experiences with bipolar would be the best use for my space here.

I am also the founder of The Bipolar Blogger Network. I set it up in the hopes of enabling other folks with bipolar to network and share their experiences. There are some quality bloggers sharing some pretty frank experiences, so it’s definitely worth checking out if you are interested in knowing the different flavours of bipolar.


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Adding: I’m not a medical professional. Any reference to treatment or supplement is personal; if you are concerned for your health, please see a trained professional. What works for me might not work for you, so don’t take what I say as medical advice! Thank you.