Medicated Mix-Ups

If there’s one thing to know about me, it’s that I loathe using the phone. Undiagnosed/untreated ADHD don’t go well with trying to focus on a crackly voice down a tube with no facial or hand gestures to help parse what’s being said, so it’s a huge anxiety-causing thing. Hell, even thinking about using the phone pushes my anxiety levels beyond the point of reason, and writing about it is making my heart flutter slightly.

So of course, and I’m not sure why, but half of my meds are suddenly screwed up. My Depakote got doubled based on the last letter from my psychiatrist (which I managed to get fixed for at least this month), while my Zoloft has apparently been halved when I go online to order my prescriptions (despite the fact the right dose was on the selfsame letter). Two out of three ain’t bad, most people usually say, but it’s rather the opposite in this case.

The phone comes in because I probably, likely, am going to need to call Dr. K to get her to sort this out officially. I could potentially ask my friend who works at my doctor’s office to fix it for me, but I don’t want her to get in trouble for helping either. It would be one thing if I hadn’t gotten a call from Dr. A at the surgery harping about the Depakote, but he did, so my paranoia is turned right up when it comes to getting my friend in trouble. Even if asking her would be the easiest thing for me because oh hey, no phones. At least Dr. K is awesome insomuch that I can drop call her and she’ll call me back,but still, still…

Anyways, writing this in the hopes it will spurn me on to call tomorrow and ask her to contact Dr. A or Dr. N about it so it’ll be right before we go on vacation at the end of the month. Otherwise, I’m going to be running short of my Zoloft and that would never do.

Hope y’all are well out there. And preferably, not on fire; it’s roasting here in the UK.


PS — I have a couple of other blogs that I do, and one of them I’m trying to get into the habit of doing as a daily with opinions and life and whatnot. You can find that one at Raeyn[Dot]Com. T’other is at the domain this used to be on, Digitalglitch. That one is crafts and hobbies, and I really need to do an update there as well!

Eye Twitches and Crazy Mail


Me being a not-morning-person

My body has continued to make sure that I understand fully that I might not be outwardly stressed, but inwardly is — my right eye has been twitching as if it were trying to take flight for days now, and I developed a huge fever blister. Thanks body, here I am trying to take the high road on something causing me anxiety, and you make me out to be a liar! Hrmph! Having said that, I decided to quit waiting for Instagram to actually engage in customer service, and set up a new account. I think the only one of y’all following it was Laura, but if any of y’all are bored enough to want to see pictures of me, my kids, and crap on my desk, you’re welcome to come join the party!

Anxiety aside, I’ve been doing really well. I’m relieved that the current medicine combination continues to do such a good job of keeping my bipolar in line. I feel pretty solid, you know? And it’s been long enough since the current combination was put into play that I, for the most part, have kind of mentally blocked/forgotten what ‘normal’ felt like. I prefer this normal, yanno? The normal that has me smiling and laughing and being involved in my family’s life (or as much as crippling chronic fatigue will let me be). Naw, my only complaint on that front is that I still have no idea when I’m going to see my psych next, but I’m not complaining at this second because it means that it’s increasingly less likely that the letter is going to come inviting me to attend while I’m on vacation!

Wait, was was the crazy mail then?!

Now, the crazy mail was unexpected goodness. Even if it didn’t have its usual private and confidential across it, I just knew it was a letter from the mental health ward. To my massive surprise and pleasure, it was a copy of a letter from Dr. K to my GP (Dr. N) asking him to get on the ball with my ADHD referral. I got myself excited and misread it as saying that she’d organised the funding as well, but still. It’s amazing to see that she’s working so hard to push this through me. Yeah, I know that she said she was going to do just that, but it’s still edifying to have the proof in your hands. It’s still not a pinned down, confirmed and paid for referral, but it means a lot to me that someone is out there trying to help me improve my quality of life in more ways than one.

Anyhoos, it’s Monday, and that’s my ‘day off’, so I am going to get back to zoning out while the littlest has her nap. Hope all of y’all out there are doing well.





Equanimity  :noun equa·nim·i·ty \ˌē-kwə-ˈni-mə-tē, ˌe-kwə-\
:calm emotions when dealing with problems or pressure

Equanimity has been something that I have been seeking my entire life. Between untreated mental health issues and my not-than-healthy growing up home life, I tended to be a violent, angry lashy person. I’m sure that would surprise a lot of people who have only known me the last couple of years, as I’ve been able to make massive personal improvements with my improved circumstances. I’m still not perfect — I still have a tendency to blow up over little things, but! The blow up of today is miniscule compared to the nuclear blasts of the Beforetimes (go go oblique book reference!).

So yes, bit of background proffered, and on to yesterday. Yesterday, I woke up with a message from a friend that my Instagram account had been hacked. As I’d linked it with Facebook it wasn’t too hard to get it back and change the password, but the damage was already done — the spambutt (as I’m calling the person who took my account for that bit of time) had followed thousands of accounts. Thousands. Considering the number before that was something like, 114… yeah, naw. And oh, Instagram locks you out if you try to delete ‘too many’ accounts, so I only managed to pare a thousand and a bit off before it wouldn’t let me unfollow anyone. Add in it being a holiday weekend in the States, and I can’t get anyone working for Instagram to freaking respond to my requests for help (or at the very least, to not get locked out for trying to tidy up shop).

I think that most people would be annoyed and stressed if that happened to them. After all, both are reasonable and healthy responses to an upsetting situation. But somehow, I took it mainly on the chin. Yes, I’m frustrated, and yes, I’m annoyed… but I’m not screaming or sobbing or throwing things outside of a few minutes of original ‘please children adults are talking ktnx’ terseness yesterday morning while we tried to sort out what was going on. And since I can’t do anything with it right now, as much as it annoys me, I’m doing my best to do other things to distract from fixating on it. Could I do better? Sure. One can always do better. But compared to what used to be ‘normal’, I’m freakin’ Buddha on a cloud here.

So yeah, doing alright. Better than alright in that aspect. I felt that I deserved to pat myself on the back for that sort of thing, because maybe it’s a minor step to others, it’s a huge one for me. 🙂

Hope all of y’all out there are doing okay.


*Waves Sheepishly*


Hi everyone! I hope nobody has been worried about me. I’m fine mentally, just really, really, really hampered by chronic fatigue. I get my ‘mandatory’ writing done in the morning, and then get stuck into work + caring for the little one, and there’s not a lot left at the end of the day. I just sort of curl up mindlessly with my knitting and my gaming (and then forget to write about that as well. Whups).

But yeah, mentally things have been grand. Between being back on the extended release Seroquel, that final bump to the max dose of the Zoloft, and going down to a less headache-y dose of Depakote, my only complaint is that I’m burning through my melatonin supplies to try and get my go-to-sleep back on an even keel. I have no idea when I’m going to see my psych next, though the plan was (as I’ve said before) to switch from Depakote to Abilify at some point in the future. It would be nice to be on a med that doesn’t give me headaches, or 20+ pounds of extra weight. ¬¬

I’ve also not heard anything on the ADHD referral that Dr. K was working on trying to get pushed through. One of my friends recently started working on my doctor’s office, and she said she didn’t see anything about it there in spite of the fact I know firsthand that Dr. K had contacted them about it (as she did it on front of me). I’m frustrated obviously, especially since adult ADHD isn’t taken seriously here, but meh. There is no use fretting about it.

So yeah, still alive, limping by. So it goes. Hope everyone out there is doing alright!


My Mind is Okay, and my Body is Fine


And by ‘fine’, I mean the ‘original meaning’ of Fucked up, Insecure, Neurotic, Emotional... well okay, the fucked up part, at least. I’ve had headaches that taking paracetamol (Tylenol) made worse in spite of the fact I strictly limit myself taking it for when I really need it. That went on for a couple of days to the point where I didn’t take anything after a day or two of trying to treat it. And then I got some pinchy back spasmy things, though thankfully, paractamol + Nurofen Plus did the do (Nurofen Plus = ibuprofen and codeine). Yeah, got to love the need to throw everything at anything. ¬¬

Having said that, I was bemused to catch myself suddenly able to manage a few household chores. I’d commented to my husband that it probably had something to do with pushing back not only the bigger pain, but the constant level of physical pain that chronic fatigue and mental illness bring. It wasn’t much — just sorting through laundry and doing some dishes, but it’s a lot for *me*. If I’m honest, if I make it through a day mainly cheerful while remembering to eat, that’s pretty good as far as I’m concerned.

Really though, the brain has been holding on pretty darn well. I sort of figured the extended release Seroquel worked better for me than the normal release, but I hadn’t really appreciated just how much better until those couple of shitty months. My antidepressant is at its max dose, but that’s fine for now. My only niggling complaint right now is that my getting to sleep is still a bit rocky if I go for more than a day without taking some melatonin, but that’ll even out in time. I think.

At this point, my biggest big-big complaint is wondering where in the aether my ADHD referral is. One of my friends works at my GP now, and she confirmed that she hadn’t seen anything about the referral there recently. It’s been a couple of months now since I was sitting in Dr. K’s office watching her phone the surgery up to push it along, so maybe it’s gotten somewhere. Maybe it hasn’t. I continue to hope that the system will eventually vindicate me, but for now, it’s frustrating and occasionally hilarious. Yes, hilarious — I hear some pretty weird crap from my brain static shorting out, and now that the husband and I have a firmer mutual understanding of this, I can share what my brain was telling me I heard over what was actually said, and sometimes it’s pretty random. Still, it would be nice to have it yanno, working and focused (so that I don’t forget about things like this post over the course of a day or two, doot doot doot).

Anyways, tl;dr, I’m alive, mainly doing well, just sort of low spoon when it comes to writing. So it goes sometimes. Hope y’all are well out there.


Bumbling Along

*checks date of last post* Whups, it’s been a month. Oh well.

At least that month has been a goodish one, at least mood-wise. It took a bit for my body to adjust back to extended release Seroquel — thank the stars I have an adequate stash of melatonin for those rough periods. I’m not getting to sleep in my classic style; that’s where I start to drop off while reading. I just sort of roll over, close my eyes, and get to sleep fairly quickly. It’s pretty okay, and I’m not having fractured sleep, which is even better.

What I *have* been dealing with is super-fatigue, and a few physical injuries. For example, I managed to fuck up my right wrist spectacularly the week before last. I’d stood up while holding a sleeping Littlerbit, and my right leg had fallen asleep and gone out from under me. I managed to not chuck her across the room or wake her up, nor did I mess up my ankle. At least my right arm is my non-dominant, but it’s still been a long and painful period of limited function. It’s still a bit tender, but it’s not bothered by knitting, sewing, or typing, just picking up heavy clingy children. So of course… *chuckles ruefully*

There’s been one good thing going down the past month or so — I’ve managed to break through some of my executive dysfunction in minor ways and not be a complete lump around the house. For example, my husband doesn’t usually directly ask me to assist him because he appreciates that I’m kind of super-broken and using most of my resources to be vaguely pleasant and doing basic things. So I’ve surprised myself by catching myself responding to his statements about doing things with, ‘Can I help?’, or ‘I can do that’. I still can’t do much, and in a lot of ways there’s even less that I can do, but it makes me happy that I can better support my spouse (who honestly carries all of us on his back without complaint and it’s more than anyone should ever have to do).

And that’s about it, really. I’m alive, keeping my head down, but mainly doing alright. Hope you guys out there are doing as well as can be.


The Best Sort of Mistake

So apparently, I was incredibly wrong about something. It turns out that Dr. K wasn’t leaving — she was about to go on vacation and wanted the matter of my Seroquel resolved before she left! Oh man, I cannot express how huge a relief it was to walk into the hospital today and see her face.

And it was a productive, blessedly short appointment! Like, we’re talking 15 minutes with a lot crammed in. She called my GP to remind them to get back to her about the ADHD referral while I was there, which was a nice touch. We also discussed the meds plan for the next bit. We upped the Zoloft to the maximum dose (from 150mg to 200mg). We are both down with making the Depakote go away since it’s not really helping and the side effects are pissing me off. She wants to switch me to another mood stabiliser… I think it was Abilify? Doctors here always use the not-brand name for meds, which is why I know how to say things like quetiapine. ¬¬ She didn’t want to start me on it now though ’cause I pointed out that even if I’m feeling stabler with the Seroquel back to the extended release, I’m still dealing with depression and anxiety out of the aether. She said that whatever it was she had to mind could have increased anxiety in the first week or two, and she didn’t want to make worse what was already going on. Fair enough. I just like knowing that we have a plan of action.

As for how I’m feeling… ask me tomorrow, ha ha. Today has been a hella busy day, well beyond what I normally can tolerate. Tomorrow is also a return to status normal here at ours, as the bigger kiddo will be back in school after the two week Easter holiday. I love her very much and enjoy her company, but her being back at school means that I will be able to get myself and the little one back on the ‘proper’ day schedule. Smallest permitting, I am going to have a grand day of not having to deal with people for a few hours. 😀

Hope this finds everyone well!


Mur Mur Murrr

I’m sitting here being Annoyed as Fuck™® because I am anxious and it’s making me slightly depressed and they’re feeding each other back and forth. I’m sooooo not impressed. Like, getting the Seroquel sorted means that I’m sleeping well, am starting to get to sleep properly; the change from normal release to extended release takes a bit, with a loving dose of melatonin to boot. I am on the whole feeling more stable and have managed to not murder my kiddos here in the two week Easter holiday (one down, one to go), but still… that anxiety, that depression. I’m hoping that when I’m in next week that we can opt to up the antidepressant and see if that makes a difference.

Really though, I wish the ADHD diagnosis referral would come through. Besides the focus that being medicated would give me, I am led to believe it is super-helpful for anxiety. As it’s been 17 years since I had very very part-time access to ADHD meds compliments of a friend, I never really evaluated it for anxiety help. I was just grateful because the days he’d let me have his meds meant that I was actually able to stay awake through the first period of the day instead of looking like I didn’t give a shit about my classes. Really, the whole deal makes me wish that I was a shadier person with less concept of consequences because if I were, I’d be sorely tempted to go grey market to try and get *something* to help in that regard.


But Therapy! Mindfulness!

But what. My BFFFFF says I can outlogic Spock, and I can. If there is a logical reason for me feeling anxious or depressed, I am on it like stink on shit. Unfortunately, 99% of the time it just springs out of nowhere to make my life hell. It’s a big part of why I accept that my brain’s wiring is shot and that medication can make the difference in my life — because it has. I’ll rely on it as long as I humanly can and feel no shame for it.Which isn’t to say anyone is failing if they desire to come off of meds, or therapy helps them — I’m glad there are options out there for people, and am hoping that people in general are rocking the option that gives them the best quality of life.

As it were, my only concern as far as medication is concerned right now is being taken off of something and being put on something else. I worry about losing potential efficacy by hopping around… not that I’ve had hopping yet, just combining things here and there. I don’t even know who I am seeing this time around since Dr. K is going, and what their spin on it is going to be (if they don’t think I’m manic because they don’t understand that Americans talk quickly).

Oh okay, maybe I’m a teensy bit anxious about that, but that’s not actually going to hit me until like, we’re on the way. It’s not like I can do anything about it beforehand, yanno? See, there’s that logic peeping its head up. 🙂

Anyhoos, better out than in, and now it’s out. Hope this finds all of y’all as well as you can be.


Well, That Was Unexpected

The good news is that my Seroquel is sorted out. It’s back to extended release, and the GP I normally see (Dr. N) flat-out said that his compatriot Dr. A lied about normal Seroquel versus extended release. I was pretty sure that he was wrong myself, but I think most of us can understand the desire to be seen as compliant, even if we’re not 100% sure on it. All I know is that I’m now half a year behind where I should be on trying to get things stabilised, but never mind. Things are where they ‘should’ be, and hopefully we can build on top of that.

The bad news is that my beloved psych Dr. K is going away. I don’t know where she’s going, but she let me know that she was when she was trying to follow up on the prescription change to make sure it had been done correctly. I am super bummed. She has been a great ally in my corner, working with me to make sure we were on the same page to get me the best care, and she has been trying really hard to get my referral for ADHD diagnosis taken on board and approved. As she put it — it is the one ‘boon’ I had specifically asked her for, and she wanted to make sure it was taken care of. I don’t know where in purgatory it is at current, or if it’s going to get rejected yet again, but she tried and I appreciated it. I can take comfort in the fact that my care will probably default back to Dr. Z for a bit, who I am comfortable with because oh hey, he’s the one that diagnosed me properly in the first place. He’s also the head of the department, so he often has students sitting in. I like having students around — much like anything in my life, if I can use my ‘bad’ to educate or make people feel less alone, then I am happy.


So then, how have things been since being back on extended release Seroquel? As I said last time, I feel that I am a bit more stable as compared to before. There’s still depression, but I feel like that’s very slowly receding. I’ve managed to surprise myself with some random bits of functionality this week, like making a phone call without ending up a sobbing wreck (and I got a post up on my most neglected blog, woot woot). It bodes well for my chances of surviving the next two weeks, better known as the Easter holiday here in the UK. I love the kiddos and I love having them around, but that’s going to be a hefty dose of personal bubble invasion even if they both stay on the couch the entire time (which they probably won’t). I would love to be able to do them a steady and take them to a park or something, but I’m not counting on my physical ability to handle that.

But we’ll see. For the moment I’m feeling generally optimistic! And, as usual, hope y’all out there are doing alright.


Gloomy Sunday and Mirthful Monday


What is it about Sunday evenings that are so freaking depressing? This is a totally rhetorical question, mind — it’s just my brain being stupid for stupid’s sake. Monday is my day off, insomuch that I’m still caring for the smallest, but I don’t do my for-pay work. And being housebound as I am, it’s not like I have to blow spoons on dressing or excessive grooming. *stabs brain with Q-Tip and mutters*


As the subject suggests, today has been randomly amusing. My husband went to the doctor’s office after dropping our eldest off at school to inquire about my Seroquel XR prescription. He managed to get in with the doctor between his appointments (Dr. N), and Dr. N confirmed that yes, there was nothing wrong with the extended release, and I could have it… if the letter from Dr. K came through. That was encouraging, though annoying — in the past we’d been able to go straight to Dr. N to make sure it was extended release after Dr. K’s predecessor almost never remembered to send the prescription update as extended release. Still, it was a fairly quick call to the hospital (thanks again, best-husband), and assurance from Dr. K’s secretary that she was going to get it sorted out asap.

So imagine my bemusement when the phone rang this afternoon. It listed the caller as ‘withheld’ which pretty much always means that it’s someone NHS. I picked it up to hear Dr. K inquire, ‘Doctor surgery?’. She quickly realised it was me, apologised for calling, and told me that she was trying to call Dr. N to confab on getting the prescription properly prescribed. No worries, I gave her the surgery’s number, and returned to what I was doing.

Then the phone rang again. ‘Doctor surgery?’, she inquired again. I had a rather good belly laugh while she scrambled to apologise. I was polite and friendly about it, expressing that I was not bothered and that I knew she was very busy today. So it was nice to have a little chuckle, and to know that hey, my people are working for me!

I was relaying this to best-husband when he’d gotten home from work between other things we were doing… when the phone rang again. This time it was the surgery trying to call Dr. K back. I didn’t have to deal with the phone this time, but I definitely had some tittery giggly wossits in response. Best-husband commented he was glad I’d told him the story of earlier so he understood what was happening when he answered the phone! I hope that they finally managed to cross paths, and as said — glad to know that they’re working for me.


I did have one minor regret after all this went down — I didn’t talk to Dr. K about the efficacy of medications. I’m still dealing with depression, but I’m also feeling more stable? That isn’t a surprise, since Seroquel has always worked well as a mood stabiliser for me. It crushes the range of feelings into something mainly more manageable, it pretty much destroys the rapid cycling… but depression is. I think it’s pretty common for folks with Bipolar II to have really severe depression that meds don’t touch as much as we’d like them to. If I had thought about it, I would have asked her to consider tacking on another 50mg to my Zoloft, but it might be ideal to wait until I see her next month, just to make very sure that the Seroquel is doing what it’s doing.  It’s all a step in the right direction either way.

Anyhoos, hope y’all are well. As for me, back to my knitting!